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Born 'a Southerner', I'll always be a 'comer-in', but I've lived in Yorkshire since 2002. I love all of the UK for its constant variety and beauty. It saddens me as I see it becoming over-crowded and natural spaces being thoughtlessly built on and littered on.

As an individual, I like variety and attention to detail. I also appreciate creativity. I love originality and uniqueness. I'm good at ideas and imagination.

When I'm composing a shot I get excited about it's originality. I try to capture landmarks in a way they haven't been captured before. I love capturing animal shots that portray character. I love capturing the finer details of beauty that most people easily miss. I love minimalistic artistic composures.

I believe in a creator, and thus in a creation by design. (Yes, I genuinely believe a being can be that great) I call him God, because I don't believe in anything greater. I hope that at least some of my photo's succeed in telling a tiny part of the story of his greatness. I'd like them to tell of his love too ... but that is better achieved in person.

Please comment on the photos.

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I am thrilled to have been awarded 'Nominee' in the 5th Fine Art Photography Awards.

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